What does Help look like to you?

Posted by Katrina / on 11/23/2009 / 1 Comment

I have assisted many people over the past 5 years that have suffered with Mental Illness issues. From deep depression, to Mania, to ADD and not being able to straighten out a mind that is racing a million miles an hour, to battling with Faith and does GOD know what I'm going through and does he love me, to many other situations. I know for a supporter "Help" is getting advice and honest talk about what the suffer is going through and having realistic expectations for how much I can do and not do for another. I am asking you the person reading this - what does "Help" look like to you? Is is having someone there to believe in you, to help you through, to explaining how the county system works.... ect. What do you believe would be Helpful for this site to have. Be honest and we can begin to built a better life for each of us. I look forward to hearing your input and stories. Thank you.

Katrina Moser


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  • Caroline says:

    This is a great question Katrina!

    I think help is steady and consistent.

    I know that as my disease has progressed I have become less consistent, and this drives me CRAZY. Reliability was so much a part of my character before Bipolar. I get angry with myself when I realize I have fallen short.

    But, my true helpers accept me, even when I am not consistent. The ones who I am really able to trust are few, they are the ones whom I know love me and believe in me, even when I "act out" or "behave badly." They are the ones who actively try to understand the illness, and not just believe the stigmas.

    I think it is even good in some ways to only have a few consistent helpers. This way in the depths of my mania or depression I know who to reach for. This way I don't get disappointed by reaching for a hand that is not there.

    I hope this makes sense and helps. And, I hope this discussion continues, I would love to hear more.

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